• Every year our company has a Day of Service & this year our team finished helping out at our location in much less time than we had planned 😁🙌🏻😃! #teamwork #lhmdayofservice #lhmvalues #workhard
  • THANK GOD THIS WASN'T CHRIS 😳😶. | For Christmas, I got him the chance to race exotic cars & today was the big day; he'd be driving a #Lamborghini & a #Ferrari & we were SO excited. 
Well, it was raining badly but much to our surprise, the company didn't cancel it. Then as we were waiting for his turn, a guy had the #Lamborghini hydroplane, and it went up in the air before it flipped 3x on the ground. 
Shocked wouldn't even begin to describe how we were. I pictured him having been the driver and I'm SO THANKFUL God's letting me keep him for a while longer--or
  • A little green tea in one of my fave mugs on a beautiful day (80 for the high!) AND it's almost the weekend 😃. HAPPY THURSDAY!
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  • If you live in/are coming to SLC tomorrow, you'll want to avoid the orange roads!! Memory Grove, Federal Heights, Downtown, #Sugarhouse, SSL.. They'll all be affected by the seemingly never-ending #saltlakecitymarathon 😳😐. Good luck commuting 🚗👟! [More deets on my Snapchat 👻MsAnniePaul]
  • Did you know #AmericanIdol was on the air for longer than we've been in the USA 😳? #coolhuh So in a way it brings back sweet memories from #backintheday. 
I may have fallen off its bandwagon towards the last few seasons but this very last episode reminded me of why I loved it; the stars it discovered & who are still rocking it amaze me. There we SO many good ones on tonight! 
Unlike me, my mom was always a big fan 😊. And we used to watch it together years ago. She's so cute. (My dad didn't care about it.) Not like we all don't watch so much TV already, but now it looks like we're on the hunt for our Nth hit to enjoy.
PS- I still miss Simon, hehe. #idolfinale
  • Our cat (ahem, king of our house) has his own Insta 👑😺! Follow him @simbatheweddingplanner for commentary on odd #wedding trends (like flower & berry crowns?) + the best advice from a tasteful monarch. Even Royals all over trust his tips. And as my own personal #weddingplanner, he's legendary. ❤️
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  • Fortunately, those w/toothpaste only contained SOME. But still, looks like they had some fans, haha!! We should make them again.
Joke's on us, @suziequezy 😂.
  • 😂 Find me on #snapchat 👻MsAnniePaul to watch
  • You know that feeling you get when you've been planning a #wedding & you browse through magazines w/your cat because the wedding needs to go according to (his) plans because he's the king & you better not deviate from his vision? His majesty's wishes are my commands & we wouldn't have it any other way 🙃.
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  • Ahhh Utah.. 
・・・Repost, @altercreations (<< our family business AKA the top tailoring shop in TWO counties!)
Happy Spring, everyone!!
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